ToyNews is the market leading toy industry magazine and website.

We serve the toy trade – licensing, marketing, distribution, retail, toy wholesale, inventors and more, with a focus on editorial quality.

We cover both the UK and international toy market – ToyNews magazine has an ABC-accredited readership of 5,771, making it the UK’s most-read monthly toy trade publication, with zero duplication on its database – which means that every copy reaches a potential decision-maker.

Our content is read via print edition, digital edition, this website, email newsletters, delivering convenience to readers and maximum value for advertisers.

With a total reach in excess of 71,000 retail, toy and licensing business readers every month, ToyNews has established itself as an indispensable read, both in the UK and internationally.

Editorial Excellence

Our editorial team is dedicated to delivering the latest toy industry news and in depth analysis across a unique combination of print and digital channels.

That means you can digest the content that’s important to you, in a way that’s most convenient for you – whether that’s via a magazine, laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

Dedicated retail, pre-shool and licensing sections plus exclusive deals with NPD and ToyShopUK make ToyNews a destination read for anyone in the business of selling toys.

As a result, ToyNews reaches all parts of the decision-making chain, from retail buyers and store managers, right up to senior executive level.

Maximum Value for Advertisers

A monthly magazine, constantly updated website, daily email news roundups, breaking email newsflashes, social media and apps have helped create an unrivaled offering, increasing the visibility of your trade advertising messages.

The flagship print magazine boasts the highest requested circulation in the sector, with zero duplication on its database – which means that every copy reaches a potential decision-maker.

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