Accentuate eyes company growth with Playtime PR appointment

Accentuate Games is moving forward with company growth in anticipation of the launch of their new game FReNeTiC, which will go on sale in the UK later this year.

The firm has announced the appointment of Playtime PR to raise trade and consumer awareness of the fast and furious word game with a scientific twist.

“Playtime has been a great support to us over the past four years, not only on the PR side of things with Accentuate, but also with playtesting FReNeTiC and helping us to shape it into the solid, immensely playable game that it is today,” comments Graeme Fraser-Bell, Accentuate Games Ltd.

“The agency has evolved and grown so much since we first hired them to launch Accentuate and we’re excited about seeing the results we know this agency can deliver.”

“Graeme and Fiona have a special place in Playtime’s heart – they’re a dynamic duo afraid of nothing when it comes to the games market,” said Playtime PR founder Lesley Singleton.

“They’re open to feedback, willing to learn and take guidance from a variety of sources and always open to trying new things. The hard work they pour into every corner of their business is clear to anyone who meets them – from the relentless in-store demos and new ideas, to the sheer passion and belief they have in their games. I’m very excited to see FReNeTiC come to market and delighted that the team has entrusted their newest creation to us.”