Eolo Toys looks to ‘trump the market’ with new gross toy line, Fartistic Club

Eolo Toys is welcoming the industry to its ‘greatest line to date,’ a collection of gross and flatulent characters called the Fartist Club.

Each character in the Fartist Club delivers ten random and unique fart sounds that are activated once the character’s finger is pulled.

They also harbour a secret: a ten second delay mode meaning kids can play a game of hide ‘n’ fart with any and all unsuspecting victims.

Each hitting shelves this autumn/winter, there are four characters to collect in the new range including Farty Flip, Ripping Randy, Windy Wendy and Munchy Max. The collection has already got retailers from across 20 countries on board, a sure sign, says Eolo Toys, that the range will be a global success.

Furthermore, the range arrives supported by a fully comprehensive targeted marketing campaign, with online content including 3D animated webisodes and a DJ Fart app to create a mix of the best fart sounds.

Alex Prieto, director of fun at Eolo Toys, said: “We are having a fartastic time with this line, all is happening very fast with massive support in Europe, US and Canada. We expect Fartist Club to be our best line to date.

‘We are putting lots of resources and the product and content are looking amazing. We see a big opportunity as kidult toys and pop culture keep growing.”

Adam Pearson from Geemac, the team behind the new range of farting toys, added: “Gross and scary play patterns are very much on trend, combined with the collectability, interactivity and value the Fartist line offers, we are really confident we have something special. You could say we will ‘trump’ the market with this one.”