Wilton Bradley and The Entertainer take Yoyo Factory on UK tour

The Entertainer, Yoyo Factory and yoyo world champions Gentry Stein and Hans Van Dan Elzen have each embarked on a mini tour of England.

The fellowship of yoyo enthusiasts has teamed with the UK’s popular multi-channel retailer to deliver a schedule of yoyo demonstrations throughout the rest of the week.

Children will be invited to learn new tricks, win prizes and learn more from Stein and Van Dan Elzen (both of YoHans fame) in order to master the craft of yoyo-ing.

The tour has been organised in partnership with Wilton Bradley, the UK distributor for the Yoyo Factory range. It will visit Hartlepool, Warrington, Birmingham, Uxbridge, Crawley and Brighton, where the ‘kings of spin’ will be setting shopping centres on fire with their array of tricks.

Tom Ellyatt, marketing manager of Wilton Bradley, said: “This is just an example of our support for our brands, we are always open to suggestions of how we can work with retailers to help them to sell through.

‘We also hope to generate publicity and drive footfall by supporting the events in the local media.”