Women in tech: How female industry leaders are molding the future of STEM

Many of us are aware of the well-documented shortage of women working within the science, technology engineering and maths (STEM) professions in the UK, but the latest figures prove the gender ratio is slowly but surely beginning to balance out.

Statistics from the WISE campaign[1] suggest that women currently make up 23% of the UK STEM workforce, increasing from 21% in 2016. Over the past year, 61,430 females have taken up new positions within the science, technology, engineering and mathematics professions.

It’s evident that the long-fought campaigning to bridge the gender gap is starting to take effect. Alongside active movement, we have to mention the immense influential power from great female minds across some of the world’s largest tech titans. The commitment to their work and breaking of stereotypes has positioned them as modern role models, redefining female potential. Katherine Johnson of NASA, Marissa Mayer, former CEO of Yahoo and Randi Zukerberg are among some of the names we are proud to champion as role models, inspiring generations of women to embark on careers in STEM.