Zuru teams with Disney XD for Smashers TV and digital campaign

Global toy maker Zuru is teaming with Disney XD for a two-month TV and digital campaign for its popular toy line, Smashers.

Earlier this week, the best-selling Smashers collectable brand kick-started an integrated campaign to tap into the UK’s young football fans in the lead up to the FIFA World Cup 2018.

Smashers is sponsoring billboard content around three of Disney XD’s football-themed programmes: The Goalmouth, Supa Strikers, Disney’s 11 and pre-roll across the Disney XD YouTube channel.

“The FIFA World Cup 2018 and Disney XD’s programming schedule offers the perfect synergy for partnering with Smashers,” said Zuru’s communication manager, Erika Sava.

“Series One is a collection of characters based on the world’s most popular sports, and with UK sales still exceeding forecasts, it’s a theme that appears to be resonating with children worldwide.”

In conjunction with the TV sponsorship, Smashers will also implement an influencer campaign sending more than 100 football buses for kids to have their own football-themed play at home.

“Football is one of the UK’s most popular sports, and with the hype already building around the World Cup in June, it seemed both a natural fit and perfect timing for us to fuse the Smashers brand with the popular, sports-led content across kids’ TV and digital channels,” said Sava.

Aimed at pocket money, treats and gifting budgets, SKUs include the Smashers one-pack, three pack and eight pack, alongside bigger items such as Collectors’ Tins and Smashers Team Bus playsets.